Bootstrap Protocol Server???

My Svchost.exe was connecting to, I checked and port 67 is Bootstrap Protocol Server is this supposed to connect to the internet?

ps could someone list all the ports that svchost.exe uses so I have a printed reference for future inquiries, thankyou for the help

Please note the IP address it’s connecting to - This is your local LAN broadcast address, not the internet. It’s OK to allow this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Here is a list of TCP and UDP ports:


Most commonly (for things you want - and maybe need - to allow) svchost.exe will connect to Outbound Destination Ports 80,443 (Windows Updates), 53 (DNS - to identify/name IP addresses), 67 (DHCP - establish IP address & internet connetion), and 123 (Timeserver).

You will also see some Inbound (probably won’t need a special rule for it) for svchost.exe to Destination Port 68. This is also for DHCP and is part of the process for establishing/updating your IP address and maintaining your internet connection.

Hope that helps,