Bootable USB/CD image to scan disks?


I ran the Kasperksy CD last night to scan the two disks in my XPSP3 host, and would like to do the same thing with Comodo, so I can compare what they find.

I prefer to do it that way instead of running the AV program from within Windows.

Is Comodo AV available as a bootable USB or CD image?

Thank you.

Not yet. They do however have CCE.

they don’t have such feature but may be we will be able to see in CIS 6

i wish comodo had similar feature like bitdefender internet security 2012 have their’s (rescue mode scanning)…

Isn’t this a Linux based AV boot disk and if so I think CCE is not the same and will not detect all.

A bootable recovery cd is only necessary when your pc does not boot normally due to malware. Basically its overkill and pointless.

OK this is a new insight… 88)

Not new but common sense. A bootable recovery cd is used for emergency purposes only.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is designed to scan and disinfect x86 and x64-compatible computers that have been infected. The application should be used when the infection is so severe that it is impossible to disinfect the computer using anti-virus applications or malware removal utilities (such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool) running under the operating system.

In this case, disinfection is more efficient because malware programs do not gain control when the operating system is being loaded. In the emergency repair mode, you can only start objects scan tasks, update databases roll back updates and view statistics.

Can AV applications detect all forms of malware, even deep stuff like rootkits, while running within the infected OS?

I’m no expert, but au contraire, it seems to me a better way to first boot from a known, safe OS, and then perform a scan of a possibly infected hard-disk.

Been removing malware for years. Its my job. Never had one issue where I could not remove malware from within Windows. But when a system is heavily infected and either Windows never loads or when its loads its extremely slow then a bootable recovery cd comes in handy. If you are not infected then there is no reason whatsoever to use a bootable recovery tool to scan. Running a full scan from within Windows is just fine. Then use a second opinion scanner such as MBAM or HMP. And yes of course your av detects all that. Its right in the list of features for your av. In this case CIS.

Thanks for the feedback. What are MBAM and HMP?

I’ll run CIS tonight then, and see how it goes. Hopefully, it can run without prompting the user, so I don’t find tomorrow morning that it stopped after a couple of hours with a dialog box :wink:

MBAM = MalwareBytes AntiMalware
HMP = Hitman Pro

If your pc is currently infected installing CIS or any other av is not recommended. Its best to remove the infection prior to installing any real time antivirus.

+1 for bootable usb/cd image

+2 Download Avira Rescue System | Avira

No, Comodo can’t >:-D

Last week my WinXP has got infected by aluroot.c rootkit. It overwrote cmdguard.sys, i.e. the Defense+ Comodo component, and then it wrecked havoc around on my poor beast. It created undeletable symlinks in my %system% folder, added a bunch of “services” in automatic mode, prevented any scheduled tasks to run (including checkdisk) and tried to warn a whole lot of hosts around the world that my XP workstation was ready to be obey. Nasty little creeper :-\

Fortunately I have a dual boot with fedora (and grub was still safe). From linux I started up avast and I scanned the whole win partition, finding the culprit and blasting it to dust >:-D >:-D >:-D

Just to let you know, never overestimate an AV (or yourself, btw :P) … and no, I didn’t dumped Comodo. It’s a good guy :wink: