Boot-up console do not work properly

I have installed CMT 2.9 on my laptop. Everything is ok but when I try to retore system from Boot-up console, it is not working.

I press ‘Home’ to enter the CMT screen but I can not use mouse or keyboard to control the screen.

Has anyone can help me?


     Make sure you press fn and Home.  Most laptops have a dual use home button. And the function key must be pressed at the same time.    2.8 is faster than 2.9. You may have to wait as much as an hour with the restoring screen showing.

Thanks for reply.

I press ‘Home’ and the screen is showed with the options to restore, but I can not use mouse or Keyboard to click them.

Have any ideas?

If you can bring out the CTM subconsole by pressing “Home” at boot-up, that means the keyboard is working; use “Up” and “Down” arrows to navigate and “Enter” to choose !