Boot Time Scan

If comodo had a boot time scan option like avast that could help with malware deletion a lot especially since comodo’s AV at the moment cant be used in safe mode for the moment. What do you guys think?

This was recently suggested in the usability forum (only accessible to members with special rights). But here is what was posted:

“If you make a new tab ‘Startup/Shutdown’, you could add more scanning options and make the interface more clear.”

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Thank you for this info, at least its in consideration ;D

Because Boot time scan in Avast was slower than normal scan in Comodo.


It would allow removal of certain viruses that load into memory when windows starts. They couldn’t start if they weren’t there anymore.

i found boot time scan very useful

and also i wish to see comodo at the top of such competition of rescue disks

I would like this very much.

I used avast and i found the boot scan very reassuring

I’ve got to agree. CIS needs a boot scan. I had a virus with avast that couldn’t be removed any other way.


It would be nice to have boot time scan.