Boot scan

IMO It’s necessary :slight_smile:
If CIS l has boot scan cleaning will be easier, you know.

as far as im aware comodo does scan at windows start-up.
there is an option to enable this in the user interface. (V)

Sorry? I can’t find it.

if you go into your anti-virus section and choose scanner settings its there.
scan memory on start.
hope this helps you.

kind regards.

That only scans system memory on startup.

Yes, exacly. Boot scan like in Avast - i meant.

sorry i dont think comodo has that feature as far as i know although you can do a safe mode scan with comodo.

i think the upcoming “comodo cleanning essentials” will be a bootable CD/usb
if not then it will be useless

Full Boot time scans are most often used only if the computer is infected in which case a more specialised cleaning program could be used. Remember current CIS V5 is more about prevention not cure. It would make good sense to have it included in CCE. Thanks and Kind regards.

[i]A bootable cd will be useful if will be released.