I have 3 partitions on my harddrive. Windows XP and Comodo firewall are installed on partition F:, but there is also a file boot.ini.comodofirewall, which resides on partition C:. Can I move this file to F: because I want to use the partition C: for a linux install?


The “boot.ini.comodofirewall” file can be moved, deleted, shredded or wallpapered. It is merely a backup of the boot.ini file that existed at the time of installation and is only used if uninstalling CFP. I generally recommend that people leave it where it is. It’s unobtrusive and small and doesn’t harm anything.

You can move it to F: if you prefer, but given that it was created on C:, I wold assume that C: is your boot partition for Windows, regardless of where you have installed the rest of the O/S. If you simply wipe the drive and install Linux on it, you may find your Windows installation can’t be booted, unless you install LILO or some other form of Boot Manager.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: