Boot failure - CTM 2.8.155286.178 - Win7 x64

6.1.7600 x64 home premium
CTM 2.8.155286.178

after installing CTM 2.8.155286.178 and restarting, the CTM installer loaded before windows and succeeded apparently, but then windows seemed to hang so i CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart it, after which the loading was noticeably slower.

given the other issues i’ve read here, CTM does not look ready for wide spread public release.

event viewer logged the following error twice:

event 46
Crash dump initialization failed!

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Any other incompatible software?
Disk encryption? RollBack Rx?

no - i run a pretty slim system (if you can actually say that as far as windowz goes)

i uninstalled CTM - read way too many horror stories

I have the problem too. I installed windows server 2008 r2 in my laptop. But the event ID46(volmgr classic crash dump initializaton failed) appeared in the event viewer every time when i boot my system. I don’t know why it is occur. :o

Hello guys!
Who can help me . ???
Should I unistall comodo time machine?

volmgr id46 crash dump initialization failed

I have a similar problem with CTM 2.8.155286.178 in Win7 x64. After I installed CTM, Windows booting has becoming a bit of a lottery. Sometimes it goes through, but sometimes gets hanged before the initial display, with the underscore DOS-like cursor parked at the top left corner or with a blank display. If so, the machine needs to be cold booted to respond again. Upon cold booting, and after the CTM display, Windows brings up the notice its previous booting had failed and gives the option of either “fixing” the system files or continue as normal. Except in one occasion I was able to continue without trouble; in such occasion, selecting to continue rebooted the machine and brought back the same notice. Because I would only resort to MS fixes as the very, very last option (i.e., using the MS fix or setting myself alight bonzo style), I decided to loose whatever had added to the machine since the last CTM snapshot, and restored the system to that time to escape this MS-fix loop.

It is an inconvenience, of course, but unless it gets worse I am still willing to keep CTM. There are no usual suspects as far as I can tell. This is a very lean Win7 machine. Any suggestions from Comodo on how to avoid this nuisance?

I have noticed quite a few users ran into problems with CTM 2.8.155286.178 on Win7 x64 machines. So this version doesn’t seem to work very smoothly on Win7, problems may arise during daily normal usage. Maybe some inherent bugs in 2.8 have resulted in these !

The best advice is to replace it with 2.9beta version which has come out since early September last year. ( can be found inside the " Beta Corner " ) As I’ve said in many posts that it worked peachy on many, many machines with WinXP or Win7, and had far fewer problems than it’s predecessors.

Don’t let the word " beta " scare you off ! In comparison to prior versions, it’s more like a " Final Version "
Do give it a Try… and come back afterwards to give your feed-back.


i heard that comodo ctm is an easy utility for saving my computer ,

let me explain you before using ctm i hah a 16 year experience of working with computer and i had not lost 1 bit of my data in these years ,

and your company software stole about 1 GIG of my email backups that i can’t restore in anyway

i can explain you ,

one night before the power off i changed the location of some email backups and after that ctm is not working , windows is not working and goes to blue screen , i started my computer with hiren boot tool and hiren diactivated the comodo so my computer is alive but the data is lost and i have not any access to snapshots via windows or startup console ,

so if you think this product is for protecting your data you are in a wrong way .

2.9beta has very serious problem too. I have met some in my computer and my friends’ in win7 64bit system. Computers can’t be booted and must rebuild MBR or reformat disk . Now I don’t use CTM again.

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