Boot ccekrnlG

Hi I am a great believer of Comodo products, keep the good work up.

I have been trying out Comodo Cleaning Essentials various versions.

When I run “LoadOrd” from “” it shows 4 Boot Startup Services
(see Below).
to make sure it was CCE causing the problem I ran CCE Ver 1.7 again to see if
it would delete the Kernels from my drive!!! all it did was to add a 5th.

Start Value - Group Name - Tag - Service/Device
Boot ccekrnlG 1 iswtwq
Boot ccekrnlG 1 jvgxuu
Boot ccekrnlG 1 ofvpmj
Boot ccekrnlG 1 uotote
Boot ccekrnlG 1 wayuia

Can any one tell me how to get rid of these from my PC.

Vista 32 bit
Cis 5.8
Avast Antivirus

Start device manager from the command prompt with the following two commands:
set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
start devmgmt.msc

When in Device manager under View select “Show hidden devices”. Then look under Non-Plug and Play drivers for them and uninstall them.

Would you please try CCE 2.2?