Boosting CAVS definition via partnering with on-line scan service.

don’t know if this have been suggested before but Comodo may want to consider partnering with some on-line scan services.

By participating with these sites will in a way help to promote CAVS and Comodo may request for viruses that were uploaded to these sites too.

They are envolved with Jotti and virustotal, not sure about though, They are getting the samples through there and are just waiting to be put up on display…

Soon CAVS will be available in Jotti’s. Comodo already gets those files.

I don’t know when VirusTotal samples are coming to Comodo AV Labs.

Interesting, as luck would have it I run the Virus.Org site and associated Malware Scanner, I happened to pay a visit today to the Comodo site to see if the current incarnation of the Malware scanner produced by Comodo would be suitable for inclusion within our service.

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Perhaps PM Melih about this?

Here is another one.