I have windows 7 64 bit and have icedragon 26.00.2. When I go into Show All Bookmarks option I notices there are several tags of bookmarks bar tags that are empty. How do I delete all at once. Deleting them separately takes too long as there are several.

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Hello Grail,

Scroll up with the scroll bar until it changes from BookmarksBar to something else. I don’t know what’s above your list of BookmarksBar, it could be Bookmarks Menu or another folder. Whatever it is, click on it and your long list of BookmarksBar should appear to the right in the right window pane. In the right window pane, click on the top BookmarksBar and go down as far as you want in your list, hold the Shift key and click on the BookmarksBar at the bottom of your list to highlight the whole list. You can then right-click your mouse and select delete to delete the list that you have highlighted. Before you delete, make sure there aren’t other folders in the list that you don’t want deleted.


Your .Json file is corrupt. The simplest way would be to uninstall Firefox and then a fresh install. :slight_smile:

Edit: My apologizes I meant IceDragon. Force of habit.

Tried to Delete the list but could not, I have to delete one by one. The Shift key does not work. Is there another way.

In the image you provided, your right window pane is blank and the Name column is hidden. First thing to do is make the name column visible so you can see what you are deleting. Click on image1 below on how to do that.

Once the name column is visible, I can show you how to delete more than one BookmarksBar at a time.

From the info and image you provided, I cannot determine if your BookmarksBar folders are showing up in the Bookmarks Toolbar, the Bookmarks Menu or Unsorted Bookmarks.

For the purpose of showing you how to select & delete more than one BookmarksBar folder, I have chosen the Bookmarks Toolbar to add a bunch of empty BookmarksBar folders. When I click on my Bookmarks Toolbar in the left window pane, the BookmarksBar folders show up in the right window pane. I can then click on the top BookmarksBar folder and then hold down the Shift key and click on the bottom BookmarksBar to highlight everything in between. I can then right-click in the highlighted area and select Delete to delete the selection. Click on image2 below to show you what I mean.

You haven’t indicated if you know what is causing all these BookmarksBar folders to be added to your bookmarks. If you haven’t determined that yet, it could be a misbehaving add-on or as sAyer points out, you could have a file that’s corrupted. If you investigate and determine that your add-ons are not causing the problem, then your places.sqlite file could be corrupt. Bookmarks are stored in the places.sqlite file in your profile along with your history and other information. You could try creating a new profle which IceDragon would automatically create a new, empty place.sqlite file for the new profile. If your bookmarks work correctly with the new profile, then the places.sqlite file in your old profile is corrupt.

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