Bookmark Menu icon missing

My bookmark dropdown icon refuses to display.

It shows in customize window on the navigation bar to the right of the URL window. When I click ‘done’ it disappears.

The normal bookmark icon displays without issue.

I’ve removed all extenstions and appearnce themes. I then launched Ice Dragon with the -safe-mode switch and reset the entire stinkin’ thing to default.

The bookmark dropdown icon still refuses to appear.


Plain menu style - menu bar checked - hides the “Bookmark Menu” toolbar button.

That button presents the identical context menu as when clicking on the ‘Bookmarks’ menu item. The other Bookmark button avialable presents the side-bar bookmarks menu.

This is default Firefox behavior. If Comodo Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal desires to set itself apart, then the Bookmark Menu icon should launch the Bookmark Library, i.e., the window that appears when selecting the Bookmarks menu item and selecting ‘Show All Bookmarks’

Oh, and the Bookmark icons in the ‘customize’ window should differentiate the functionality betwixt the two icons. In plain vanilla Firefox, the two icons are: plain ol’ star, and dropicon star.