Bookmark Issues Plz Help

I would like to ask for help from anybody that can.
I am having a problem with my bookmarks in Dragon …before now i never really paid much attention as to where they were sorted i had no organization of them at all so after a bit of time i obviously accumulated quite a few so yesterday i finally chose to sit and go threw them a bit erasing dead links and the such and as i was doing this i decided to also sort them into folders and sub folders as well as the bookmark bar. Now my issue is simply that random bookmarks are dissappearing and there not malicious links or anything that would have a security program auto remove them as a matter of fact just two i lost as i was doing this was my bank url and even the best buy url i also lost the login link to one of my credit cards …now fair enough its pretty easy to get these main ones back without a problem but that kinda defeats the point of a bookmark if i manually have to type the address in.
Now I am not as advanced as i am sure quite a bit of you folks are but i definately am not a begginner and yet i still have no idea why this is happening and because i have never attempted to organize my bookmarks before i cannot even say if this was a problem in earlier releases or just the latest. Below i will list my specs of my system in case it helps determin what might be causing this.

i7-3770K 3.50 quad core
32gb corsair vengeance ram
Sabretooth Motherboard
gforce GT760 graphics 2gb
29tb of space in 12 drives
running win7 ultimate 64bit with dragon 33.1 installed
all drivers are upto date as of last nite and i have no known issues with my system it is self built and self maintained

And my actions at the time of this happening was simply opening bookmark manager and moving urls to proper spots and some will move np and some will look like they moved but when i open the bookmarks the next time to actually load that specific url its gone …now at first i assumed maybe it just wasnt moving but even with a search within bookmarks these bookmarks that were gone are no were else in the bookmarks either and in turn i end up having to rebookmark them …it happens to random urls from a game site to a secure site such as a main bank kinda deal.

So ending this the first thing i wanna do is apologize for my atrocious grammar as i do know it sucks hard and i am starting to learn…I also wanna say ty in advance to all the offers of help from all that offer!

Hi Kingreefer,
I have never had this issue, so I am stabbing in the dark.
Do you have any bookmark extensions?
Are you signed into a Google account when this occurs?


Ty bud for your reply again its greatly appreciated and in answer to your questions yep fully signed in and the only two extensions i even keep enabled are ad block and fb purity but it happens even with all extensions disabled …and nope i do not use any sort of bookmark program at all …just to give you the recent info …it seems to me if you do things very slowly and wait like a good 5-8 seconds between each move or adjustment of a bookmark it will stick but if you move faster then that they disappear …like as long as you have the pop down menu open and you dont let it close then all yer changes are in tact but when you let it close then try to reopen the drop down menu thats when yer change is gone and sometimes its gone completely and other times it just reverts back to were it was! nand this happens both within bookmark manager and also when just loading the bookmarks from the bookmark bar