BOCore.exe wont go away??

I uninstalled BOClean several weeks ago. I just noticed in Task Manager that BOCore.exe is still being loaded and is running???

I do have Comodo Firewall running but not BOClean. Shouldn’t BOCore.exe go away after I have uninstalled BOClean???

Thanks for your time.


I had two or three drivers not uninstall from BOClean. Go Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and ensure that “show hidden devices” is selected. Then expand “non plug and play drivers” and uninstall the leftover “BO” items. You will have to reboot. CHUCK

An alternative is to shutdown the process and remove any remaining boclean diretories / registry entries.


Hi JamesKB :slight_smile:

You probbably didn’t shut down BOClean before you uninstalled it :wink:

  • Open Task Manager ( press Ctrl-Alt-Del ) and shut down the BOCore.exe process.

  • Remove BOClean’s program map ( C:/Program Files/Comodo/CBOClean )

  • Reinstall BOClean, and than immediately uninstall it ( don’t start BOClean and don’t reboot )

That should do the trick :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.