BOClean won't update

Hi Guys
The other night I had to format my laptop and i installed BOClean again and it won’t update using the update button “check for update”. It tells me that the firewall is blocking the program, the thing is I have allowed the fw to permit BOclean to update. I am currently running Vista with the Vista firewall and Vista firewall control program. BTW the Vista advanced firewall needs a degree in rocket science to work out.
shadha (B)


Are you using CBO 4.23 or BOC 4.22 ?
Are you behind a router?
If you’ve followed the installation FAQ and covered all those bases then it could be a Vista firewall specific issue.
You might want to look at your logs and see if you see any blocked or unanswered calls.
If you don’t see anything in those my next suggestion would be to use a sniffer to watch the process.
Finally, :wink: it may be related to the current build of CBO and you will need to post in Kevin’s thread that describes the known issues here:
New CBO 4.24 will be out soon

Here’s another solution to get Comodo BoClean to update.

Shutdown BOClean from systray.
Go to C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean
Right-click BOC423.exe then click Properties.
Click the “Compatibility” tab
Under Privelege level
Check the box “run this program as administrator”
Click OK then close the properties.

Launch BOClean, right-click then click check for updates.

Special thanks to Donna for this solution. (:CLP)

Note below:

When you restart the PC, UAC/Vista will block BOClean from loading during startup. But if you’ll click the notification that it blocked an item, you can load BOClean from there
BOClean will start its thing again (by monitoring).

If user wants BOClean to startup without manually loading it from systray notice of UAC/Vista, do not use compatibility mode.