BOClean vs The Cleaner by Moosoft?

Hey guys. Honest opinions here please. I have been an avid user of The Cleaner for a few years now. I would like to know from an honest stand point. Which product do you think is better overall? I think CPF is a wonderfull firewall and currently using it. I wouldnt hesitate 1 second to give boclean a try since I have been so happy with cpf. But like I said. I have been very happy with The Cleaner at the same time. Ahhhhh im in a dilema! :confused:

I don’t know about The Cleaner, and I certainly never heard of Moosoft (though the name does resemble Microsoft (:LGH)). Why not compare them by testing with malware? Just kidding. That’s not recommended unless you have backup/and willing to take the risk. One thing I do know is that CBAM is free, if that’s even a factor at all. How’s The Cleaner on resources? CBAM should be light. Another is that Moosoft’s website hasn’t been updated since June 16, 2006, which is about the same time when the last version was updated. I’m not leaning on either side, just pointing out some facts.

Well, I used the Cleaner years ago, back when it was owned by a couple of brothers (forgot their name.) I can tell you at that time it sucked. Updates were weeks or months apart. The only thing it was good at cleaning was people’s wallets.

Not sure if things are still like that but I wouldn’t touch it again.

Its extremely light and have never had problems. If your curious what it is there website is I grabbed this part from there faq area. It seems like BOClean and The Cleaner have there advantages and disadvantages. But like I said. As a whole they both sound like great products. The Cleaner is also $50 bucks. Im on the fence right now as to make the switch to BOClean or stay with The Cleaner. Maybe keep both? I dunno know what to do!

What is Stealth Mode?
Stealth Mode protects The Cleaner Professional from malware that uses firewall/av killing code. This kind of code tries to disable or damage protection to make way for another trojan.

What is TCActive?
TCActive! is an active memory scanner which can stop a trojan from loading before it does any harm.

What is TCMonitor?
TCMonitor watches specified registry keys, files and folders for any changes. If a change is detected, an alert is sounded.

What is The Cleaner?
The Cleaner is a program designed to detect and remove Trojan Horses / Worms / Spyware / Adware and any other kind of malware.

Oh wow. I wasnt aware of any of that! Thanks for the tip. As for updates. They actually happen daily. Its been like that for the last 2 years or so. But that doesnt mean the product is still the best. Because I myself havent really looked into other programs. I have always used The Cleaner for trojan scanner/remover. But this BOClean has really caught my eye since I love there firewall.

Took the dive and said ■■■■■ it! Went ahead and installed BOClean. All seems well. However. There was a slight install problem right at the end. I got to the last part where it asked for my email (optional) which I put it in. And it also was going to check for updates. The second I hit finished it crashed and said an error had occured. Asked me if I wanted to send the error to MS or not. I said no. Then it prompted me for a reboot for BOClean can start up and do its thing. Did it install properly?!? I made sure everything was shut down within my pc while installing. Program wise. Not one thing was open. After the error. I just went ahead and rebooted. Everything is working great BOClean wise. Anything to be worried about? Should I reinstall it? Im on XP home edition.

i also took the plunge, and I also had the same problem you did, but it seems to be working fine…did you check for updates yet?

This is my set up…I did some checking around at wilders, and this seems to be the best setup(well for most ppl anyway!

Hope this helps a little…

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Did you two remember to disable other security software to ensure no installation conflicts?

I did infact run the update after rebooting. It found an update. It updated and seems to be fine.

I sure did. There was nothing running at all in the backround. Do ya think everything is ok? Or should I uninstall and reinstall?

I honestly don’t know since I’m a newbie at CBAM :-[. If you re-install and it still gives this error, it may be an issue later on. Since there wasn’t anything else major running, I bet a reinstall will generate the same result.

I turned off everything, I also checked at wilders before installing just to see what they had to say!


Ok. Slight update. I went ahead and done an uninstall and reiinstall. A note if you are running spywareblaster. After disabling it. Log off and log back on. I didnt do this before installing BOClean. All I done was disable spywareblaster. You would think that would be enough. Sheesh. After logging back on when disabling spywareblaster. I closed everything running once again on my pc. The install went on without a hitch. (:KWL) Now im happy again! :BNC

Thanks for sharing this solution. I would never imagine Spywareblaster being the culprit because it just blocks bad activex and websites.

Hmmm I installed with spywareblaster, KAV and my Nvidia firewall, all active and it went without a hitch… My firewall did ask politely once if I wanted to allow BOClean’s updater to access the internet… I said yes and all autoupdates have come through fine…

Since there are millions of different setups with people running different software and hardware. The problem can infact be unique to that users machine or someone that might just so happen to have a very similiar machine.