BOClean update problem

I accessed the configuration screen and noticed that the radio button for “Do NOT show start up scan screen” was checked. I decided to uncheck it so I could see the scan on start up. Upon scanning, I get an error message that reads “ERROR!!! Unavailable! Check connection or firewall settings, site might be down”. I click OK and then BOClean does a scan. A few minutes later it scans again at least once more. The last time I checked, the update for today finally came through. Is there something I should check or adjust?

I dunno, maybe check that boclean isn’t trying to update too quickly after boot, i think teh default is 4 minutes.
You might want to change it to 10 minutes, and see if that helps. ???

Me again. I haven’t had the error message again, and the scan has completed OK. I did as you suggested, just to allow BC to do it’s thing after everything else was done at boot up. Just a comment on the scan screen. Could they have made it any larger? The scan takes up one line of text but the screen is the full length of the monitor, and a quarter of the screen high. They could have made a six inch screen along the top of the monitor screen, or made the size adjustable with the mouse. No big deal though, it’s just annoying. :slight_smile:

Had to change mine to 10 minutes as well, or BOclean would throw up an error message that Firewall could be down.
As this machine takes around 5 minutes to boot up, that was the problem.
If I forget to connect to the internet within 10 minutes I still get the error box, but that’s my fault.
And it is a false error message at that, because the firewall (CFP) is running anyway.