BOClean under a limited account


I seem to be having problems with BOClean 4.27 updating under a limited account. I’ve read the instructions from the prompt about giving users write and modify permissions but from the text, I wasn’t sure if it meant the shortcuts under “All Users”, which I believe it said or the actual folder under “Program Files”. Anyhow, I’ve applied these settings to both and I’m still having problems :’(. What am I doing wrong?


Edit: Btw, my system is Windows XP SP3.

* Login to your Administrator account.
* Open 'My Computer'.
* Click 'Tools>Folder Options', then the 'View' Tab.
* In 'Advanced settings:', select 'Show hidden files and folders' and Disable 'Use simple file sharing' then click 'OK'.
* Browse to... C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
* Right-click the 'BOC427' Folder and select 'Properties'.
* Select the 'Security' Tab.
* Select 'Users (*Computer Name*\Users)'.
* Change permissions...
      - Modify [Allow]
      - Write [Allow]
* Click 'OK'. 

Don’t forget to switch ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and ‘Use simple file sharing’ back to how they were before.

Hi k4ll1

That is what I did but it didn’t seem to make any difference (same error :frowning: ). I’ll uninstall and re-install again and see if that helps.


If re-install will not help to repair errors then you will throw screen shots with that into the forum.

Re-installed but same problem :(. Finally found out what I was doing wrong 88). After applying modify permissions to the limited account, I was trying to update (not closing BOClean first and then restarting). Once I shutdown BOClean and then restarted, everything worked fine.