Boclean picks up variant Trojan


Boclean displays the following message when I open Outlook Express

"Boclean has detected “Spy-Zbot.Ad variant trojan in Msimn.exe - Boclrean has closed the application, do you want to delte the file”

Obviously I said no otherwise I can’t load Outlook Express. This happens on a few other exe’s , such as cmd.exe.

How do I get rid of the trojan? Will the Comodo Internet security Suite do it, or will it just delete the infected exes.

Please advise as how to disinfect

Hi, spencerarts

First when you get alerted by any security Software don’t rush to quarantine / delete / disinfect

Check whether it’s real infection or False Positive detection

Please read this first:

You do the above irrespectively with all detected files and then you may add what OS & Service Pack you are using, what version of Outlook Express (and Msimn.exe in particular); BOClean version; and when was latest update

I don’t now what are “other” files but the latest OE with the latest BOC updates is not flaged here

My regards