BOclean not in taskbar sometimes

I am using the new version which I updated about a 8 - 10 days ago. Usually when i turn on the computer it is the first one that appears in my taskbar along the bottom on the right, however on 2 seperate occasions now the icon hasn’t appeared at all, so I assume the programme hasn’t loaded?
If I restart, then it is there the second time, just thought you might like to know.

Sometimes the traybar will fail to show an icon even if it’s there. What you might try is hit ctrl-del-alt to bring up the task manager, and look for BOC426.exe in there. If it’s in the task manager, it’s running and the problem is that Windows failed to show the icon …

The story so far, no icon , so I assumed something was wrong, best to uninstall and reinstall. - so deleted BOclean using ZSoft, I thought that this also removed all other bits and peices from my computer, but seems it doesn’t , i then used CCcleaner and went into the registry bit and removed anything with BOclean in the name [I hope this was correct course of action?] I then installed it again and so far all seems well.

Sorry forgot to add that I didn’t realize that I could check out if BO clean was installed by going to task manager, something I will remember for next time - thank you for your response.

Hi overfifty :slight_smile:

Like Kevin said it is a Windows problem. Here an article with possible fixes :

I hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

It’s not unusual for some security programs to interfere with the icon loadups … given all the operating systems that BOClean has to run under, we do NOT check for the presence of the icon if the program is running, and under XP and later, the system itself can often “forget” to display an icon, and when this happens ALL the time, it can be the result of “previous icons” which have been hidden which it will no longer load. But this would be ALL the time, not “hide and seek” … I suspect one of the other startup proggies you’re running might be strangling the traybar … I’ve seen that happen before. I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking to hear, but BOClean does notify the system when it starts … once we’ve done that, it’s up to Windows. :frowning: