BoClean key logger?

also have cyberhawk running and it is notifying Boclean as a key logger.whats up with this ? why would BoClean need to log keys?

It has been reported before, and it should be taken with a pound of salt… In fact, it appears that Cyberhawk also flags AVG antivirus as a keylogger ;D

Apparently ‘they are working on it’, and that should hopefully also put an end to the BOClean False Positive. In any case, it would be a good idea to bring this to the attention of the CyberHawk folks as well.

ok thanks just thought it was strange. will report it to cyerhawk. also. Cyberhawk seems to pick up alot of stuff that boclean does not even recognize or notice.

Well, they’re totally different applications. Cyberhawk uses behavior analysis in order to establish what might constitute a threat.

It is not in the strictest sense of the word “anti-malware” software; here’s some reading:

Once Novatix released CH with rootkit detection capabilities (for their Pro version, included with the free version for you to get “hooked” on it), it seems their blacklist and/or application analysis started “detecting” keyloggers in a number of security (and other) applications. This includes Comodo Antivirus (CAVS), Word, and some others that I’ve seen.

Either not enough users have brought it to their attention, or they have not been able to resolve these FPs.