BOClean Inegration into CIS

There are a legion of people who trust BOClean. I’ve read a litany of those who like BOClean as a standalone product.

My own preference is to use BOC as a safety net, but often experiment and dsipense with real time AV coverage, WITH BOC. It is desirable to me to have the options of NOT employing AV, employing it only at times, and employing other AV, spyware, HIPS and real time scanning.

I’ll assume that BOC standalone is now a moot point. But:

What Comodo configurations allow users continue to use the BOC technology?

Can I continue as I have with the same kind of realtime BOC protection without the requirement of using all of Comodo’s real time scanning?

Can I use it with other scanners?

Is BOC now part of the AV? Or is it D+? If it is in AV can one have BOC scanning without the rest of the real time AV?

From the FAQ of the COMODO Internet Security 3.9.76924.507 Released!
3 - Is BOClean integrated into CIS now? Do I still need BOClean if I have CIS 3.9?
Yes BOClean is integrated in CIS 3.9 and no you do not need BOClean if you have CIS 3.9 installed. However you MUST install COMODO Antivirus and enable realtime scanning. If you install firewall only, you may keep the standalone BOClean.

I personally would have liked to seen a little note mentioning BOclean is active or something to that extent, like they did when the memory firewall in integrated.

I know its a moot point, but its “reassuring” to see it mentioned.

Please reread my post. I had forgotten to properly copy/paste the FAQ3 question.