BOClean Freezed the PC [Resolved]

Hi everyone it seems that my pc freezes when running boclean, I am runing windows XP home I just had a clean install I use antivir,comodo firewall & ad mulcher,just ununstalled boclean and everthing running fine had the same problem befor the clean install tried to isolate evey software runing to find the problem and the only thing I found was boclean,love to hear if anyone is having the same problem.


Hi freebird :slight_smile:

You may want to look at these topics :

And to this post from Kevin :;msg81157#msg81157

Suggest that you uninstall 4.25, do a reboot to ensure that everything goes away. Then shut down [ your virus scanner ] and the other [ real-time protection] stuff (disconnect the network if it makes you feel safer) and install as admin. That SHOULD solve it once you do a reboot after the reinstall ... but somehow BOClean is unable to connect to its kernel driver and the system is going into "contention" trying to do so. A reinstall should do the trick. Sorry for missing the symptoms, ain't seen this one in a while ...

I hope it will helps you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

thanks a lot Red I did read those links you sent me, pc is running fine without Boclean, the trouble was when the pc froze you couldnt even look at the task manager or anything else,pc would freeze all the way,the only way I used to reboot is to push the shutdown button

                                                                                                  many thanks

When the pc freezes, is the CBOClean icon in the traybar green all the time ?

Greetz, Red.

to be honest with you I never even noticed the icon or anything at all ,I was ■■■■■■ at the pc finally uninstalled and to my suprise smooth sailing

                                                                    thanks again red

There should be an icon in the traybar, more or less the same icon as from the setup. But it seems to me something went wrong during the installation of CBOClean. If you want you could follow Kevins advise in my first post :

  • Check if you deinstalled an eventual old version. If not use the Task Manager to shut down the BOC425.EXE , deinstall CBOClean and reboot.

  • Shut down your network, virus scanner, firewall and any other realtime proctection stuff you have.

  • Install CBOClean and reboot.

  • Check with the Task Manager if BOC425.EXE and BOCore.exe are running. If BOC425.EXE is running there should be an icon in the traybar too. When you right-click the icon you open CBOClean’s menu.

  • Ofcource you should check your firewall, virus scanner etc. before you go online :slight_smile:

  • Check for defenition updates for CBOClean.

Normaly that should do the trick. If not I will pm Kevin and ask him for help :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

hi Red thanks for the reply, lately I had one too many reformats and a’m sick & tired of doing that, I should be OK, I have comodo firewall ,Antivir antivirus,I think that should do the trick.I think i’m afraid of somthing going wrong and I wind up screwing the whole thing

                                                                                                         God bless

I understand m8 :slight_smile: It’s your pc, and you should do what you are comfortable with :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Hey Red could not resist just installed Boclean acording to the directions you gave me and all seems well so far sometimes I open boclean and it hangs but at least the system doesn’t and the Icon turns red, cpu usage is14000 and 1148 and after a while it goes back to normal.

                                                                                                    thanks a again

Hi Freebird :slight_smile:

The cpu usage is fine. But what do you mean by :

sometimes I open boclean and it hangs ... and the Icon turns red

First of all, when you open the CBOClean menu the icon SHOULD turn red.

Red = detection has occurred OR you've opened the menu and BOClean is on hold until you close it.

From here :;msg59363#msg59363

Or do you mean you can’t close the menu ?

If you read that post from Kevin you will also see that normaly the icon is black and flashes green every 10 seconds. Sometimes it is blue, for example when booting and/or after updating CBOClean. Is that also the case with you ?

Greetz, Red.

actualy I didn’t know that when you right click the icon turns i know, I’m looking at task manager now and BOC425.EXE is at 7,168k and BOCore.exe 156k so the cpu has realy gone down,you see I love comodo software I used ZA firewall for years and it was the same old problem true vector problem so when comodo firewall came out I jumped on it and it is the best I’ve seen,I’m dying to try 3.0 firewall but I’ll wait till the final version comes out ,the 2.4 is very smooth but as anything new you’ll bound to try it. I just hope its not too complicated.

                                                                                       Thanks everyone

So with CBOClean you are doing fine now :slight_smile:

About CFP : For now CFP 3.0 is still a BETA and could have some issues. And with CFP 2.4 you already have the best firewall on the market, so there is no problem to wait untill CFP 3.0 is officialy released :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

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