BoClean found a trojan. Now where is it??

I got a warning this morning that BoClean found a start up trojan when I booted up my computer. I chosed to not delete it because I wanted to take a look at it and then maybe get some info about it. I expected BoClean to put it in quarantine, but I can’t find it. Does clicking no just cause BoClean to ignore the malware? It didn’t even generate a log for it. The log file is blank. The only files in the report folder are BOC425.OLD, BOC425.VXU and the BOreport.txt which is empty.

Ok, it looks like I got the false positive everybody is having. I imedeately updated BoClean afterwards, rebooted and no more warning message. I’m just wondering why the report file is empty though. I have checked ‘Create report when trojan found’ with the default directory path, but when I click to examine the report it’s blank and a message pops up asking me if I want to clear the report. There’s nothing to clear! :-\

apparently, if you tell BOC to not delete a file that it has flagged, a log file is generated, but nothing is written in the log…

I beleve that is the case Redwolfe. So maybe that is something that has to be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.