BOClean encountered an Error and needs to close. Screen shots included [resolv

(R) Hi guys (:WAV) BOClean just “Encountered an Error and needs to close” I’ve included screen shots(#1,#2 & #3) of the error.

After BOClean closed I tryed to restart the program and got another error message about a corrupt file(screen shot #4) and needing to use “Updater”. After “Updater” BOClean started ok as far as I know all is ok.

Sorry but I couldn’t send a screen shot of the error log as well as it was to BIG.

Can anyone shed some light on this shut down error?

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Greetings! The error you saw (screen shots) was indeed the result of a corrupted download. BOClean does an update check automatically a few minutes after the machine has booted and then automatically every few hours based on the settings in its configuration which default to every 24 hours unless changed. In the “old days” BOClean did its updating via FTP protocol which assured that the update was accurate. Because of firewalls and many configurations in recent years which has made FTP difficult and caused support issues, BOClean now does what most other vendors do - an HTTP update. Sometimes an HTTP update will result in a corrupted file and when BOClean goes to load the new one and check it, sometimes the bad data can kick BOClean in the head as it checks the integrity of the file and sends it off a cliff like that. :frowning:

Solution is what you did - go for a manual update from the start menu and then all should be well. Fortunately for everyone’s sanity, corrupted updates are very rare. Hope this helps.

k thanks


The fix and cause can be found here;new

I’m glad that the problem is solved. I’ll close this topic now. If you should encounter further problems, PM an online moderator with a link to this topic so that he can open it.