BOClean download?

Hello Everyone, I want to download this, will it cause any problems with other Malware scanners I have on this pc? Thanks

no i run it with an antivirus and antispoyware no problems at all,its if something nasty gets by your other security apps,very good product

I have ran it with many types of security Apps over the years with no problems! So yes Download and install it!



It’s working fine with Spybot S&D and Ad-aware 2007 PRO, so go on and download it :slight_smile:
And btw, BOClean prevents malware, not scans for it :wink:


i wouldn’t worry about using c-BOClean, but it is possible that you could see a conflict with some other program…

i think that programs like “a-squared” with its “IDS”, or “prevx”, or panda’s “truprevent”, programs that use that type of technology, conflict with programs like c-BOClean and “trojanhunter” where c-BOClean and “trojanhunter” will not function as they should with those other programs running in realtime…

Ok, Thanks All.

Here is why I asked in the first place, after installing and from the very first day, my pc would stop responding, the mouse would move but I could not click on anything and I could not properly shut down. I had to push button on front of pc.
So after two days of this, I decided to uninstall BOClean, to see if it made a difference and sure enough my pc has not stopped responding for the last two or three days.
I do have A Squared on my pc, but I run that manually and I dont think i ever ran it while BOClean was on my pc (although I might have)
Has anyone else ever had this problem?

what you are experiencing is not normal… it sounds like there is some kind of a conflict, somewhere… i would try to figure out what the problem is… i don’t think the problem is with c-BOC…

if you reinstall c-BOC, look in “task manager” to see if there is a process that is using a lot of “CPU”…

you could try contacting “comodo support” and letting them know about the problem, and maybe someone will work with you to resolve the problem…

you could try sending “kevin” a pm, too… here is the link for that:

It can not be a problem with a-squared real-time - or on-demand scanning.

Greetz, Red.

Do you have the support address, I will also PM Kevin

There is some kind of conflict going on, my pc has still not locked up since uninstalling!

I did look at the cpu usage when I was able to before and did not see any high usage!

On Monday I will re-install again and see what happens.

These are the security items I have on my pc.

First, Spyware Blaster, Spyware Guard, AntiVirusPE, A Squared, Avg Anti Root Kit,
and a Note from my Mother telling everyone to stay the heck away from her sons pc. LOL

to access “comodo support”, go to the comodo homepage and then click “support”… here is a link to “comodo support”:

here is a link for the comodo homepage:

RedWolfe, Thanks, will get back to you Guys probable Monday or tuesday