BOClean Anti Malware Menu problem[RESOLVED]

Hi All,
am a new member. Using BoClean on win2000 and win98 system both of which are running SpyBotSD. When I right click or left double click the BoClean tray icon goes red (stopped) but no menu appears. Reasons are: 1. menu activated or 2. malware found. Since no menu appeared (and there was no other programs running at the time so the desk top was clearly visible) I am assuming that is the problem. I am wondering if SpyBotSD is up to mischief.
I have uninstalled BoClean and reinstalled still problem exists.
If there is a nasty in my system I need to find out what it is.


Bump - but I would like to simplify the problem: when I try to view the menu the program stops
as if the menu is being shown but there is no menu being shown. I have to go to program manager
to stop the program and then restart the program for it to begin to work properly. It has been running
correctly since I posted this message but if I were to request the menu the program would stop.

Hi CAWood,

This is correct for boclean.If you stop the program(Right click tray icon) this stops it and displays a red screen.When you close down the menu it does a memory scan(blue screen) and then settles back to the 10sec green flicker.
Regarding the problem you had with it not showing in the tray check to see if permanantly hide tray icon is checked.IT SHOULDN`T BE.


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If I understand CAWoods problem correctly, the traybar icon is there but he sees no menu when right-clicking the icon. My question is : Does absolutely nothing pops up, or you just can’t see the menu ? If you can’t see ( a part of ) the menu you have to resize it as you normaly do in Windows.

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for some replies
Rednose is correct about the menu not appearing. Everything does what it is supposed to do until I try to activate the menu: the Icon goes red and I can not find the menu display. The program must ‘think’ that it is displaying the menu and is waiting for me to initiate some action; since I can’t find the menu I can’t initiate an action.

THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!javascript:void(0);
My normal screen setting is 640x480. I changed it 800x600 and the menu was displaying on the edge of the screen, I moved it to the center of the screen; reset to 640x480 and requested the menu and it appeared in the center of the screen.
Thanks Matty and Red for you help!