BOCLEAN and update firewall

After starting my PC I got a message that the installed BOC is expiring in 2 days, but that it is integrated in the new version of the Comodo firewall.
Opdating the firewall via “miscellanious/check for updates” does not function, probably because I am not using IE at all (message: no connection to internet found). So I downloaded the advised internet security and tried to install it without the anti-virus application. That did not work. The installation wizzard opens but when I continue the wizzard disapears. I did not disable or deinstall the firewall but did remove the BOC application.
Is this a correct reaction because I have already the latest version of the firewall (3.8.65951.477)?


BOClean Has Been Discontinued And It’s Now Included in Comodo Internet Security Suite. So, You Need To Download And Install Comodo Internet Security 3.9.95478.509

Thanks for the quick reaction.
It is what I try to do. Starting the downloaded file I get the message that the Comodo Internet Security already is installed. When I continue the wizard is started. I select Add/Remove, Install Comodo Firewall, Next, and the wizzard is gone. Checking the version, and nothing has changed.
Do I have to uninstall the old version first?

What Happens If You Try To Uninstall The Existing Version From Add/Remove Programs From The Control Panel ?

Either If You Are Able To Or Not Able To, Download The CFP 3 Registry + File Cleaner. Extract The Files, And Double Click To Run The Batch File, It Will Remove All The Left Over Comodo Firewall Registry Entries & Files. When This Is Done, Reboot. Then Try To Install The Newly Downloaded CIS

I uninstalled the previous version and could install the new one without problems.
Te difference I noticed is that the wizard of the existing version was started when I opened the new downloaded file. The new wizard showed different selections.
In the new version also the error when checking for updates has disapeard.
Thanks for help. :-TU

You Are Always Welcome :slight_smile:

Can you please explain further; has it been integrated into the anti virus part of the suite? I already have an AV package, so this is quite important to me. If, OTOH, it’s a part of the suite in its own right, then I can use it.

If you use only the firewall part of CIS, BOClean is NOT activated. You need to activate the Comodo AV to get BOClean.

Thank you for that. This is unfortunate. I’d hoped not to part ways with Comodo on that item, and have suspected for a while that in the long run I’ll have to do so WRT the firewall, since I can see that integrating everything may be the way forward, as a certain Russian software company (from whom I am a refugee, in spite of my ‘lifetime’ license) did some years back.

If anyone from Comodo can bear these comments in mind it may pay dividends. Complete integration means that you lose users if a fault occurs in one module. It’s a deal breaker because it is a security weakness.

So now, without BO clean I feel a little naked.

I feel the same but Comodo doesn’t want to continue it as standalone.

I’m using Avira AntiVir and will continue to use it, so no BoClean for me anymore. AntiVir is free for personal use and since V9 it has also spyware/malware protection which is a replacement for BoClean.

I still have boclean installed and it seems to be still sending updates as I see the little update arrow working on the boclean icon. So is it still updating or not ? I am only using the firewall part of the new comodo update and not the firewall.

No sorry boclean does not receive any more updates the last update was 2009-05-26 11:49:24