BOClean and Spybot TT - are they compatible?

Hi, I have seen several reports of problems with these two programs and wonder if they are compatible and if it is desirable to have both running at the same time.

I have used BOClean for some time now and have just installed Spybot S&D v.1.5.1, but unticked the Teatimer box in case there is a problem.

Does Teatimer work the same way, and do the same job as BOClean, and is it advisable to turn it on or leave it off?



Hi MikeG,
I’ll flag your post and maybe we can get an authoritative answer from Kevin on the technical differences between CBO & TT.
Hopefully Melih will let him out of the basement long enough to stretch his legs. :wink:

Thanks CAT, the reason I need an answer is that I promote BOClean on another forum and need to warn users if there is going to be a possible conflict now Spybot 1.5 is out, which installs TT as default unless you untick it. (Not sure if previous versions of Spybot had TT as part of the installation).

I haven’t kept up with TT in years, basically since I started using BOC. :-
Has TT improved over the years in real time protection?
Kevin has stated that:

I’ve seen both Spyware Terminator and Windows Defender work alongside with BOC with no problems, so if there are some between BOC and TT I’d presume the latter is to “blame”.

Windows Defender also monitors changes to the registry and there were no problems. I had to allow something from Comodo within WD though, I can’t remember if it was related to BOC or CFP or both.

One thing that could appear is that another programm detects our TeaTimer as bad - because theoretically, it has the same function as a keylogger as it runs in the background. But only theoretically - it is a realtime protection tool for you and there is nothing bad about it.

Another issue could be that the Keylogger detection files and Keyloggers.*.nfo of Spybot-S&D are detected as Activity Monitor keylogger. These detected keyloggers are just the Spybot-S&D detection rules, which obviously need to contain the names of the threats. Please ignore these false positives. There is a related article on our website.

For more information we created a compatibility overview listing some software for which there have been questions on compatibility.

Thanks for your replies.

I have come to the conclusion that it would be wiser to untick the option of installing TeaTimer when installing Spybot just to be on the safe side; as I guess that BOClean protects in a similar way.


Sinec Privacy Software Corp is no more and I’m with COMODO now, I’m reluctant to be as “blunt” as I had been in the past. I can tell you that TeaTimer has always been problematic and after many attempts over the years to bring it to the attention of “Safer Networking” (who makes SpyBot) including some suggestions for solving their problems, never got any meaningful response beyond “We’ll look into that in a future version.”

TeaTimer breaks a lot of other programs and my OPINION is that the “features” provided by it are little different from Windows Defender and most other security programs. Thus, owing to its incompatibilities, we’ve always advised our users to just shut it off. I’d say more, but I’d really better not. Google is your friend, check out “teatimer problem” there and that might help.

But no, TeaTimer is not compatible with BOClean and there is nothing we can do to fix it other than having BOClean delete TeaTimer. I don’t believe that’d be a good idea. :slight_smile:

New version, eh? Will see about scraping up some time later and install it on one of the lab rats and see if they’ve fixed it. I would tend to doubt it though as this “issue” has gone on for 4+ years now. Anyone here try it yet to see if it works?

Many thanks Kevin.

I have warned the other users on the other forum. :slight_smile:

Do you think it may be an idea to warn users of BOClean of this incompatibility on the BOClean user guide (Compatibility section)?


Don’t see why myself. There is no compatibility issues between BOClean and TeaTimer - it’ll crash the system with or without BOClean on it. Only reason it even came up in the past was that we got blamed for it where BOClean was on the system, other vendors got blamed when their program was on the system and in each and every case with each and every product blamed, once you shut down TeaTimer, bliss ensued. :slight_smile:

Putting something on the site would suggest that WE are at fault, when nothing could be further from the truth. It SEEMS as though the problem people have is when they have less than one GIG of memory (silicon) installed. I’ve never seen anyone have a problem with TeaTimer when they have one gig or more of memory installed. BOClean or no BOClean, seems to remain the reality. Just tried it here on a machine with 1 gig of memory, NO PROBLEMS. Crashed after about an hour or so of using Firefox with 512 Meg, and crashed right away on a machine with 256 Meg.

If there were anything WE could have done about that, we would have done so back in the 4.05 version. (grin)

Thanks Kevin,

It was suggested on another thread that TeaTimer would react to BOClean if something tried to change a file and BOClean tried to change it back again.
Guess it’s a case of two programs trying to do the same thing.

Looks like TeaTimer is a real PITA; never had any problems with BOClean at all, works very well. :slight_smile:

Interesting about the fault not showing when you gave 1Gb of RAM though, strange that the amount of memory should make a difference.

On an old machine here with just 512Mb. :frowning:


The latest version of teatimer, and boclean are running in harmony on my pc… haven’t noticed any probs / conflicts at all.

meh, I should learn to read… I have 2gb of ram… :-[


I had little problems with the HIPS of CAVS and TT (ver that clearly do not love themselves (freezing all);

I resolved excluding TT from the HIPS survey of CAVS and for now seems going to. (:NRD)

Now I would want do a test with Boclean - TT and see if interferes with its malware survey… ???