BOClean along-side AntiVir Personal

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BOClean does not conflict with either Avira premium or Personnal,at least not in the last year or so when i`ve had BOClean running with both.
As your a dedicated LUA kind of chap you need to do a few tweeks to allow BOClean to update properly.


Info towards bottom of page.

I’m currently running this setup on WinXP Pro SP3 and I’ve had no issues/problems.

I thought BOClean is not needed if your using Avira premium and CPF with Defensive+ on?

not really,i read that BOClean is designed to work as a backup for your primary AV.

Have a look
why every computer should have BOCLEAN :wink:

Interesting. I was under the impression and have been told with a good anti-virus and a firewall with HIPS was enough protection. Guess not.