BoClean 423 and cyberhawk

I have cyberhawk installed and then installed BoClean. on software install and various tasks cyberhawk come up and says so so is trying to do this allow deny? boclean does not seem to care as no matter what I did no alert or difference. so uninstalled and uninstalled cyberhawk. reinstalled BoClean and did the same things and no nothing.Uninstalled and reinstalled cyberhawk and it picked it all up again.
Am I missing something here? are these not similar as to prevent unknown programs from changing processes or using them to modify system settings?
If so I must say cyberhawk is doing the job.
thanks for any help in understanding what this is suppose to do.

Cyberhawk only finds 2 things from boclean on my computer.

and that is BOC423.exe and BOC4UPD.exe