Boclean 4.26 and beyond

Just wondering is to be contiunally updated and maybe its resource use lowered? I use both boclean and ST the latter using less resource! Maybe I should ditch one? Also is wise to uncheck boclean continuous monitoring? Lyn

I would let that option on of continious monitoring because than boclean can detect bad stuff! (:WIN)

Last time I heard, BOC was going to be continued indefinitely as a standalone program, even if at the same time it’s integrated in other products. Optimization is a concern for Comodo but I can’t tell when will that task reach the top of the priority queue.

I used ST and BOC too and ditched ST. I believe that BOC is more effective on its own, even though being much more silent which is good, and many of the benefits of programs like ST can be achieved without any program at all (registry and browser protection, etc.).

I’m not certain if the continuous monitoring refers to the on-access scan or the periodic one or both. I wouldn’t disable that, why are you so worried about resources, is your computer strained?

Its just faster without boclean than it is without ST.

Just asking : What’s Boclean using from CPU ? because here when I install it, it’s always around the 40 % >:(


BoClean runs several checks of your system when it’s initially started upon bootup, this also includes an update (Default is set to 4 minutes after bootup). Once it’s up and running I barely notice any lag in my system resources.

There is a 4.27 in the pipeline which is meant to fix some of the issues some people are having and there is currently a Test Build replcement exe file which is being trialed at the moment.

See here:

Comodo Internet Security and Comodo Antivirus/spyware 3 is due to come out in beta before the end of this month and be released publicly in early July. Early information indicates that it will include boclean technology though I’ve not heard/read the full specs of either.

I used to use ST but it seemed to use a lot of my resources and never caught anything whereas BoClean has saved me a few times now even before my antivirus had a chance to catch it.


If I shutdown boclean the commit charge falls by 55 if I shutdown ST commit charge falls by 11. Yeh boclean and nod have both stopped more than ST.

BOC causes small CPU usage peaks every now and then, but shouldn’t cause such heavy loads (you mean 40 per cent of total reported in the task manager?). If you’re using CFP try defining BOC as trusted app for Defense+, and adding CFP to the exclusion list in BOC.

You mean relative or absolute values? I don’t quite understand what you mean…

I think he means relative values…

Hi im using cfp 2.4 (can,t get my head into gear with cfp3) When you open task manager processes ive got a commit charge 421M/2439M take away boclean 366M/2439 cpu fluctuates 0/9%. Im not saying its a big problem just that it is much faster without boclean and a bit faster without ST. ie should I junk one?

For me it keeps running between 30% and 50% >:(. No cfp installed :slight_smile: (anymore)


My periodic peaks are very small but of course that will depend on your processor speed. In any case that processor usage is of course abnormal. As for RAM, BOC when working fine is quite consistent at taking about 18 MB according to the task manager. If you’re having this kind of problems, they may point to an unsuccessful installation, perhaps because of some other security software according to previous threads.

You may want to try this:

Japo :o . why are you doing like I’m some noob >:(. I know this, and my processor dual core 2.4 isn’t to bad I think. ;D Probably something stupid from my windows installation out :-\


Heya guys :slight_smile:

Personaly I stopped recommanding Spyware Terminator because it I beleve it doesn’t add something to a security setup with Avast! 4.8 Home Edition and BOClean 4.26 ( and maybe a HIPS ).

Avast! 4.8 Home Edition came out VERY GOOD in a test from PC Magazine comparing to typical Anti Spyware solutions :,2817,2282699,00.asp

And the combination of Avast! 4.8 Home Edition and BOClean 4.26 has realy proven itself for the people I recommanded it to :slight_smile: That said : Spyware Terminator isn’t bad at all, but I beleve you can do better :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Spyware Terminator is not a sufficient antimalware solution in my opinion, the only good stuff is their antiphising solution…