Boclean 4.25

Hello forum,
The red light in Boclean in the system tray is permantly on after ten mins of starting my computer.What does this mean.



This is a knowledgebase article that identifies the different colours:


Hi Garry,
The red light will stay on until I reboot.

Can you please tell us what all software are installed in your system?


Hi umesh,
Apart from my signature I have: RestoreIT /Spywareblaster / Ccleaner./ Auslogics Defrag.

Hello Forum,
How long should I wait for a reply. :THNK

Is it possible that your firewall may be blocking BOClean attempt to update after boot up? If you can get into settings for BOClean try setting it to update 15 minutes after boot and see if this makes any difference to when BOC stays Red.

I am not familiar with Dr Web AV so I am not sure if this might conflict with BOC. Is there an on-access scanner? If so try disabling it to see if BOC still stays Red.


Hello N.T.T.W.
Thank you for your reply, When I start my computer BoClean up-dates Ok it’s after ten or fifteen mins the red light stays on and Boclean freezes I have to re-start my Computer to get back into the menu .

I think the latest version of Dr Web has some antirootkit features. Perhaps, because BOClean works at Kernel level, this is what could be interfering with BOClean. I wonder if there is some way to deactivate this feature in Dr Web to see if this is the cause?


You could be right, Later I will disable Drweb and see what happens will let you know.Thanks again for your help.

Hi N.T.T.W.,
Disabled Drweb and reinstalled BoClean, and it as been OK for the last 2hrs. Hopefully it will run Ok now.Thanks for your help. :■■■■

I’ve added a “Drweb Conflict” key word and will flag this to let them know we may have issues with DrWeb.
We appreciate the work done to narrow this down, thanks out to all.

Hi cat,
Any news from Drweb, My problem as returned,Had to uninstall BoClean.

I haven’t heard back, I’ll find the ticket and see if it’s been responded to and let you know. :wink:

Edit: I can’t find the ticket so I’ve submitted a new one by hand.
Ticket ID: HXU-242339

When you say your “problem has returned”, what security software was running at the time?
Did you look in the task manager to see if there was a process hang?

Edit: You have a PM.

Hello Cat,
My security program i have is what i have in my sig. When I disable drweb I have no problems with boclean. I’ve uninstalled BoClean.

Did you try to put DrWeb in CBOCleans Program Excluder ???

Greetz, Red.

Hi Rednose,
Yes, That was the first thing i did, Made no difference.

Ah, sigs don’t display here for me.

Signature: M/S XP Home-SP2- IE-7. Dr.Web - Antivirus. Online Armour Firewall | Comodo Boclean.|SuperAntispyware Pro.

Could I get you fill out a support ticket to help us sort this out so other members can benefit?

Hi Cat,
Have sent a support ticket about the problem, But I don’t think that will help normaly support don’t answer.I have sent two support tickets in the past but never recieved a answer.