Boclean 4.25 in conflict with BitDefender '08?[Resolved]


Could anyone suggest a solution to this problem, please?

I have installed BOClean 4.25 on my computer that is running Windows XP SP2 and which has 1.5 GB RAM and an Atlhon XP processor.

When I shut down the computer, a window opens with BOC425 in the title bar and a message saying that the program is shutting down, with the option to ‘end now’. If I click on ‘end now’ I get a message saying that the program is not responding and nothing else happens for about two minutes after which time the computer eventually shuts down. If I do nothing I still get the ‘not responding’ message but the computer hangs and I have to unplug it from the mains. This slow (or non) shutdown has only started since BOClean was installed

Other programs that are running are Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall and BitDefender Antivirus 2008. Any help gratefully received.


you could try manually closing BOC when you are getting ready to shut down your computer… to do that, rightclick on the BOC icon in the systray and then, in the BOC menu that pops up, select “shut down boclean”…

maybe the problem is that there is a conflict between bitdefender and BOC…

bitdefender can be problematic, imo…

Thanks, redwolfe_98, I tried your suggestion and it works fine so I won’t uninstall BOC (just yet, anyway). I know that BitDefender was a bit problematic in the early days when it was version 7 but I had thought that by version 10 and beyond they had sorted all the problems out; certainly, I had no problems at all with version 10 and I have only just installed version 2008 so I haven’t had enough time, yet, to evaluate it.

Thanks again for your help


There is a known issue in Windows (NT, 2k and later) where processes maintain connections to registry keys in the user profile after a user logs off.
Do you have event ids 1517 and 1524 showing up in your system event viewer?
If so, you get the update to fix this here:

Hi ~cat~ thanks for your message. The event ID connected with BOClean is 7035. There aren’t any 1517 or 1524 anywhere in today’s computer use.

What does the update you mention do? Would there be any point in applying it anyway?

I’m a believer in it… it speeds up shutdown and avoids potential hangs.
Event ID 7035 seems to be associated with the Service Control Manager… can you post the event description?

Hello again ~cat~

The only reference to BOClean in Event Viewer is Event ID 7035 by Service Control Manager which says “BOClean Kernel Monitor was successfully sent a start control”.

I am not sure what it means except that I doubt if it has anything to do with the shut down. (Or has it??)


That is not an error or warning event.
Have you tried the UPH update?

Yes, I have installed the UPH update but, sad to say, it makes no real difference. Now, when I want to shut down the computer the BOClean icon disappears from the system tray immediately (it didn’t before) but I still get the little window popping up saying that BOClean is closing and giving me the “End now” option. As before, if I click on that, the computer shuts down after about 2 minutes and if I do nothing it all just hangs.

I think I will have to uninstall BOClean and try it again when there is a newer version.

On your install, did you try it with your AV disabled?
You might try again in safe mode with no networking, and AV disabled.
Sounds like something has a bad hook in there.

No I didn’t disable the AV. I will uninstall BOClean and try installing it in Safe Mode with the AV disabled. However, I recently had a problem installing the latest Java Runtime Environment update and eventually tried to install it in Safe Mode and although I was logged on as Administrator it said that the Administrator had not given permissions for installing software, so I expect that the same thing will happen with BOClean. I don’t think I know how to give these permissions.

I have a a couple of questions that might help flesh this out…
XP Pro or Home?
Are you on a Domain?
Have you or someone else altered the default Group Policy settings?


I am using XP Pro SP2
I am not on a domain
No one has altered anything as far as I know. I am the only user of this machine, BUT there do not appear to be any group policies. the computer was given to me and was already set up. I have just looked at “User Accounts” and there is just me (as Administrator) and “Guest” which is turned off.
When I switch the computer on it goes straight to the desktop and there is no Log-in as there is with other people’s Win XP computers. I have since learned that one should not use the computer as the Administrator because of security considerations but given that I am unable to do what I want with my own computer there don’t seem to be any security considerations!

Go ahead and try re-installing as I suggested earlier.
You will want to read through the suggested install and uninstall routine in our FAQ.

Hi ~cat~,

I uninstalled BOClean as you suggested, and removed all references to it in the registry that I could find, rebooted and then reinstalled it having read the FAQ and done what it said.

I am sorry to say that when I click on “Start/Turn off computer/Turn off” I still get a window opening that says that BOClean is closing down and offering me the option of “Close Now” or waiting. The only difference now is that the computer no longer hangs and has to be unplugged in order to turn it off but it still takes about 2 minutes to shut down. After I had uninstalled BOClean it shut down very quickly - in about 15 seconds.

I have another computer which the current one has replaced but which still has identical software to that which the current one has, so I will install BOClean on that and see what happens. Having said that, the old one has BitDefender version 10 while the current machine has BitDefender Antivirus 2008, apart from that they are identical.

When you install remember to disable your AV.
Hang on a minute and I’ll send you an IM. :wink:

After a long hard look this is looking like a possible conflict with BitDefender.

From our exchange:

I got rid of the AVG Anti rootkit and that didn't make any difference so I got rid of BitDefender next and now the computer shuts down properly.

The only problem now is whether to put the previous version of BitDefender back or not. For your information the version of BitDefender that was causing the problem was BitDefender Antivirus 2008. They have several “2008” products and I was using just the Antivirus 2008.

When I installed it I just double clicked on the file that I downloaded. Perhaps I should have done it in safe mode?

It would be worth it IMO to see if installing it in safe-mode will resolve this.


If anybody has been following this thread, and especially if they use BitDefender 2008. you might like to know that it was BitDefender that was causing my computer to hang at shutdown and require unplugging in order to turn it off. There have been, apparently, a lot of problems with the latest version of BitDefender so I would suggest that it is not a good idea to upgrade to BitDefender 2008 just yet.

The solution to this problem is due in no small part to ~cat~ who has been very helpful with suggesting various things to try in order to resolve the problem.

The solution was due to your willingness to work at it. :wink:
Good work and thank you!
I’ll mark this as resolved and lock 'er up.