BOClean 4.24

Running well however there is still the problem with the program shutting down when ATi’s Catalyst Control Centre is running. BOcore.exe remains active but the GUI closes down in the sys tray.

Not a major problem though as CCC is not set to auto start on my system.

Hi JolietJake

Do you really mean 4.24…?

Yeah, testing it just now.

Me too :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

whoa! where did you guys get it from?? (:HUG)

It’s an ATI problem, also happens with other icons from other programs in the system tray.
Most of the time they will appear again if you log off and log on again.

Try another version of Ati’s CCC, maybe that solves the “problem”.

May try that with CCC. They had recently brought out an updated version of CCC so it must be something they changed. I don’t know if ATi will feel it’s up to them to change anything as nothing goes wrong with CCC itself.

I’m especially liking BOClean 4.24’s new feature of fetching a cold ■■■■ from the fridge, class idea guys!! ;D

No problems here with 4.24 except the same one JolietJake is having with ATI’s CCC, tried 2 different versions of CCC but the same on both. The problem is only happening on a Vista box no problem on an XP box with CCC. I can live without CCC but not without BoClean.

Also testing on a couple of virtual machines with different setups and all working fine, one even has UAC turned on [now that is different] and no probs.

Good work boys :■■■■, maybe let Kevin out of the dungeon and into some sunlight for a few minutes but not for too long he’ll only get used to it and want more. (:WIN)

What a fantastic idea! Wonder if we could get Kevin to code it to grab a cup of coffee as an option.

Nope … sorry … hot and cold running ■■■■. :slight_smile:

On the CCC problem, seems google is awash with numerous mentions of all sorts of bad problems as ATI has apparently chosen to mix “dotNET 3” and old Visual C code according to those who’ve studied all sorts of problems with it and the biggest part of the problem is the Visual C library “redistributables” in the ATI subfolders. Some have experienced problems even after removing CCC entirely until they cleaned out those “redistributables.” I’m always happy to mend something I’ve broken, but this is the stuff that came with Vista itself apparently -or- what ATI added to it.

But if you hit google with “vista ati catalyst control center problem” it gives up more than 162,000 hits. Also apparently, once you’ve configured for your setup, you don’t require it to be running as it’s allegedly QUITE the memory and resource hog from what I’ve read. I’m going to ask Jake and Strange to send me some files and we’ll see if there’s anything can be done though it’s not looking likely from what I’ve been reading.

Hmm, what version of CCC are you running? I’ve got 1.2.2516.38896, and I can run it without causing boclean without any problems :BNC

No problems whatsoever ( other than a VERY slight additional delay logging into a Netware environment) on >45 test installs.

Tiny, unobtrusive, quiet and frugal - just like I wish my kids were.

:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

I’ve got version; 2007.0322.2238.38535 , this is the latest version.

I’ve got Catalyst® Control Center Version 2007.0517.2140.36881

Hi Jake, is that the 7.4 suite you have as I’m on the 7.5, I had the same problem on the 7.4 as well, I tried the latest ones to see if it made any difference … it didn’t.

Yeah Strange, I just downloaded the latest CCC version and it still crashes BOClean. Gonna submit a ticket to ATi and see what they have to say on the matter. Will update this thread when I receive a reply.

Kevin got me to run a psc-exam test when BC crashed and send him the report, I think that was probably the last thing he did today before sleep took over, but seeing what he’s like he’s probably still up working on something, anyway with a bit of luck that might shine some light on it.

I’d be curious too … as far as I am concerned, this bad boy is a SHOWSTOPPER for release until we can figure out WHY it’s so … well … hosed. :frowning:

I’ve grabbed some samples from victims of it already and the ATI stuff is pointing at a memory failure location that BOClean’s code does NOT reside in, and then walking BOClean into a wall that BOClean never built. SEVERITY of same is that I consider it a future exploit and THEREFORE, BOClean 4.24 is on HOLD until this is resolved. SORRY to those “expecting” … I’m personally into a quandary as to release 4.24 just to solve all the 4.23 problems and hold this one out for a 4.25 or wait to figure out just WHAT ATI has broken and not release 4.24 until known … VERY upsetting to say the least - all else is solved except for what’s happening here. :frowning:

Have already contacted ATI about it, but we’re NOT a customer and thus, we don’t get the PR compaign. NO response as yet either. Then again, my OWN experience with Vista has been nothing short of “GLAD I run Win95 on my machine here.” XPee was enough “XtraPain.” Heh.

Seriously though … this one’s pretty serious given ATI has nearly 20% of the market … just dunno what they’ve broken as yet, and in need of SERIOUS sleep myself and I’m gonna TAKE it! moo. :slight_smile:

Discouraging at the moment though until proven otherwise with a way out.

I take it that psc-exam report I sent you didn’t have any clues in it.

Found another of my apps that closes BOClean - Democracy player.

As soon as you open the player BOClean closes. BOCore.exe remains active.

Have registered on their forum and will point it out to them.

Sorry for vanishing there - had to go to COMODO central at the end of last week to discuss where we all go from here, and this particular CCC/Democracy episode was a real tough act to follow as it turns out because the problem wasn’t in BOClean - it was in DirectX10 … and genuinely scrooched in Vista if “OpenGL” is invoked. Won’t go into the gory details, one of these days when time permits, will write it up as it’s an exploit waiting to happen. Long and short of it is that Microsoft wrote some TRULY bad code, and many fell into it. :frowning:

THANK YOU for pointing me to the Democracy viewer - I wasn’t able to get CCC to mess up but Democracy was quite repeatable - bless open source software for the programmers love to cut and paste other people’s bad code and Democracy was a fruitful pasture! Heh.

Just posted what should finally be the “release candidate” so please feel free to grab the same old filename at the same old place as before. I’m going to invite a few more in the 4.24 thread who haven’t played with it yet as part of a “limited time arf’er” … (grin)