BOClean 4.24 uninstall procedure?

Hi, as you may know I am promoting this excellent program on another Techi forum.

I have pasted a lot of the info onto that thread but sooner or later I am going to be asked for the correct unistall procedure for this new 4.24 version.

The two things running in Task Manager appear to be
BOC424.exe and BOCore.exe.

Do you end both these tasks prior to uninstalling.

I have noticed that in previous versions that it is not possible to properly unistall via Add/Remove programs (obviously in order to allow BOClean to protect itself).

In the BOClean folder I can see BOC4UPD, BOC424, BOCdrive, BOXEXC, BOCLEAN.dll, BOCore, Support.

There does not appear to be a UNBOC file there as was mentioned in a previous uninstall routine.

Could you please tell me the correct way to uninstall the new v.4.24 so that I can paste this info into my other thread.

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The same procedure as with earlier versions i.e:

  1. Right click system tray icon and click “Shut down BOClean” in the menu, then
  2. Go to Start>All Programs>Comodo>Comodo BOClean and click “Uninstall Comodo BOClean”.
  3. Reboot after uninstall completed.

Thanks Alwill,

Was looking in the actual folder rather than via the start menu.


With version 4.24 you can uninstall via Add/Remove Programs too :slight_smile: It didn’t work in version 4.23 only. And a reboot is not needed :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Red,
Doesn’t that leave it vulnerable to being disabled though.
Not that technically minded.

Hey MikeG.

If you get tech questions about CBOClean on that other forum, this could be a usefull link :

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Red,

I did read that page and keep it in my Bookmarks, but couldn’t see anything there about uninstall, so asked on here.

It’s certainly a great product. :SMLR

Ah ok :slight_smile:

And I thought you didn’t know about that page because you asked about the uninstall procedure ;D But aparently you missed it :

If you're REPLACING an existing version of BOClean, then you'll want to first double-click the traybar icon and click "Shutdown BOClean" on the button menu which appears. Then UNINSTALL the earlier BOClean from the BOClean program group on the start menu, or from the Windows control panel's "add/remove programs." BOClean should appear on the list. If your previous BOClean cannot be uninstalled, then go ahead and install the 4.24 version, then UNINSTALL it, and then finally install it again.

From here :

I hope everything is clear now :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Yes did see that, but it was aimed at users who already had an earlier version installed.
Thought that uninstalling may be different for the new version.

Just thought it would be good to check as I was posting the info on to another forum and didn’t want to post any false info.

Apparently there was a small difference in the fact that 4.24 can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs as well, whereas 4.23 cannot.

All sorted now, and thanks for all your help.