BOC4UPD.EXE crashes

I have just installed CBOClean for the first time. I have also Comodo Firewall Pro and avast! 4.7.1043 Home Edition. The file version of BOC425.EXE is After restarting the OS and logging in as an Administrator I tried to press “Check for update” button in CBOClean menu. The only result was the crash of the updater program (see the attached picture). The crash is reproduced each time I press the button with the same instruction address in the message. The firewall was set in “Allow all” mode and the avast! antivirus’ on-line scanner was switched off. The OS is W2K SP4 with later updates.

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Hi mike934,
I assume you followed the installation instructions for your OS version?
What other security apps are you running?

Hi ~cat~,

Sure I did.

Nothing besides I have already mentioned.

I have forgotten to say that the first crash was just after installation and before computer restart when BOClean tried to update itself automatically.

I decided to repeat the installation, so I rebooted to the safe mode, uninstalled BOClean, rebooted to the safe mode again (now with networking), installed BOClean and after installation BOC4UPD.EXE crashed again just in the safe mode. Looks like a bug.

Hopefully the developer reads the forum or should I send a bug report by e-mail? Please tell me the e-mail if it’s needed.

By the way it would be much better if the setup file offered for downloading were supplied with its MD5 check sum.

You’re best course of action is to submit a ticket to support here: