BOC427.EXE trying to Access Memory of cfplogvw.exe [resolved]

(R) I just installed COMODO BOClean and after doing the recomended Reboot i got a “Defence +” alert saying BOC427.EXE is trying to Access Memory of cfplogvw.exe…What the heck is that all about and why is BOClean trying to access my firewall???

Greetings … I’m the guy who wrote it, so it’s all MY fault. :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure why BOClean isn’t already “whitelisted” in the firewall so that the alert didn’t occur, but BOClean is supposed to do that. Unlike antiviruses, BOClean is a memory inspector rather than a file inspector and as such, is designed to pick through every running process, its loaded “dependencies and libraries” and the virtual space within each and every running program, service or other executable. Malware can hide itself inside other programs and within windows itself and as such, BOClean wants to sniff thoroughly at everything that moves in order to ensure that your system hasn’t been violated. In addition, it will repeatedly recheck anything which “changes” in order to ensure that something hasn’t been “injected” or otherwise compromises anything running.

But that’s why … it’s designed to do that as a necessity to protect you.

I think if you read this post of mine it may shed some light on what happened…

You said (I’m not quite sure why BOClean isn’t already “whitelisted”)…so after going to the above link and reading the post…how do i reinstate this “whitelist”? I’m still getting LOTS of popups since my brother did my firewall…but at least my programs are running. Most of the popups involve “MSCTF.dll” Any ideas?

“Unfortunately” I don’t know the answer to that one as it’s absolutely necessary on this machine to have my inputs unfettered by something popping up and giving me “alerts” whilst fishing for nasties other than BOClean telling me “already know this one.” The firewall forum is about the only reasonable place to ask for that … wish I had an answer, but don’t other than my surprise that BOC427 isn’t already whitelisted.

Read your message over there, and see that you’re concerned about a uninstall/reinstall cycle and don’t know how to go about that in all sincerity. All I can tell you is that such with BOClean is a whole lot saner, but that’s no help for your situation. :frowning:

k thanks 4 ya time :Beer

ok i’ll lock this one then :slight_smile: