boc425.exe error...Why is that? [!]?


About every 10min i get this error and Comodo stops >:( Help pls.

Edit: I have XP SP3 (beta)

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Heeeeellloooooo anybody there? (:AGY)

Perhaps I have the same problem, but no answers.
When trying to update, an error msg directed me to Free Malware Removal and Scanner 2022 | Best Anti-Malware and the answer would be at the bottom of the page.
Guess what?
I get to a page that wants me to down load BOC.
What is going on?

sorry about this because this is not the answer your looking for but posting this reply might jolt somebody into an answer.I’ve just downloaded bo clean on my vista 32 bit and got the identicle problem.I’ve tried updating and reinstalling and it’s made no difference so i’m stuck too.Any help would be appreciated.I will add i did not have much luck with the firewall download either then a couple of days later it updated then asked me if i wanted to fix the problems detected.i clicked on yes and all of a sudden the firewalls working fine.Perhaps this will happen to boclean :■■■■


Reason: Out-Dated post.