BOC vs. WinDefend and many other questions [Resolved]

New user, first post. Sorry if the info I ask for is available over here, then just point me to it, I’ve browsed a little and have found some answers but not all.

I’ve been using C’s Firewall for a long time and I’m satisfied. (R) Actually I installed it following a recommendation in this site, and also read some reviews that said good things about CPF.

(Be patient, this post will be related to BOClean… eventually.) When I checked this site and learned about CAVS I thought that I could end up replacing my AVG Free once the first non-beta version is released. First, is CAVS the same thing C’s website calls simply Comodo AntiVirus? In case it’s not, does the latter have antimalware capabilities, what’s the difference, where can I download CAVS --because I can’t find other than CAV in the site. However I strongly suspect that “CAVS” and “CAV” are the very same software, if that’s so please just confirm my intuition.

So after installing CPF I’ve just checked the site again and found that there’s a BOClean or Comodo AntiMalware. I thought C’s doctrine was to integrate antivirus and antimalware in a single software package --wich sounds all good to me-- so what’s the deal, is it only because Comodo bought a previously existing standalone product? Is CAVS intended to have all the capabilities in BOC or would you recommend installing both, if so why?

Right now I’m using, along with CPF, AVG Free and Windows Defender as well as on-demand scans with Ad-Aware Personal. I understand that I could use BOC along with AVG, but could I keep WinDefend or should I choose between them?

Also if you could point me to some neutral web page where BOC is compared with similar products, including WinDef if possible, I would be very grateful. Same goes for comparisons including CAVS and CPF. If you don’t know about a neutral page but would be able to inform me about some facts because of which each C’s product is better or worse (God forbid! :smiley: ) than the alternatives, especially BOC vs. WinDef, please go ahead and enlighten me and I’ll be equally grateful.

Cheers and keep up the great work, and keep it free ;D (L)

Hi and welcome,

CAVS and Comodo Antivirus are exactly the same, we just shorten the name to CAVS for ease on the forum. CAVS stands for Comodo Antivirus\Spyware. Comodo Antivirus is effectively an antimalware as it detects trojans, viruses, worms, adware, and spyware etc. The spyware side is not fully implemented yet.

BOClean is designed to run as an additonal layer alongside your current antivirus and antispyware, so you don’t need to choose between BOClean and other antispyware products.

Comodo aquired BOClean so they could implement BOClean technology and signatures into their own products and improve them. BOClean will remain a seperate application however for those who only want BOClean.


Thanks a lot for the welcome and prompt response, much appreciated really. I don’t think I’m going to be an habitué but anytime I should have any question about computer security this will be one of the first places I’ll ask. (:WAV) Incidentally this has to be one of the neatest forums I’ve seen.

So I can keep WinDef and still install BOC, thanks, I guess I’ll go for that. And BOC will remain as a separate application, okay, and CAVS is antimalware, but my question now is, is CAVS as good as BOC protecting from malware other than virus, or is it going to be so? From reading past posts I infer that Melih’s first intention was to develop one single antimalware program --that would be swell for me–, hence CAV+S. Has that changed now? Is CAVS intented to eventually monitor everything BOC monitors --and presumably more that is viruses–, or on the contrary will it be indefinitely advisable to use both products --in case we’d be using only Comodo ones? ??? Thanks.


You’re welcome for the fast response :wink: we always try to keep these forums as good as possible.

It is currently recommended to run BOClean with CAVS, as CAVS does not have the full definition files it needs, but a user is well protected with the prevention measures CAVS employs. CAVS, as it is, does not contain some of the older viruses, but, does have good detection levels of new viruses according to some tests done by users on these forums. CAVS will eventually have all BOClean signatures and the BOClean technology will be implemented into CAVS. It is at this point a user is unlikely to need both CAVS and BOClean. There is no known time frame for this, but as BOClean has over 1 Million unique definitions, this may take a while.

BOClean makes an excellent antimalware program, if you do not want to use CAVS until it is out of beta and further developed.


Look what you did, now I can’t think of any more annoying noobish questions. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you again and general kudos to the whole Comodo forum and software developing crews, see you.

You’re welcome. :wink:

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