Small Bug: BOC does not auto update in Windows Vista when UAC is enabled

It should. Boclean is not full VISTA compatible, but it’s compatible enough to run.
So, in my experience, it does, even with UAC enabled. But this only works good under an admin user account.
See Forum for installation instructions and instructions for use under limited user accounts.

I DISABLED the auto update feature for the limited accounts (and asked them not to update manualy) on our shared Vista PC and propagate the newest .vxu file every day from my account to the proper location with a batch file for the limited users.
Since then i have the update feature under control.

Did you install Boclean with the option “run as administrator”?

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I sujest you take a look at this topic;msg191624#msg191624

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:-[ None of it has worked I’ll just have to Update it manually. Dunno why I’m having UAC problems cus I’m an Administrator1

Just a suggestion it might be a problem with virtual store I was having a problem with BOC not storing manual updates in the correct place on Vista Here if this helps at all.