Bo-Clean vs Spycar

Guys I would never have stood for that hour and a half of dreck trying to log in to this ■■■■ forum, were it not for the great love I have for Bo-Clean!
If you want proof of the kick-■■■ power of this of this little guy,run the SPYCAR test!
Well,You will not get a chance to run it,because Bo-Clean is on the tests like an angry wolf!
You cant even open the test before bo-clean detects,disables and asks you if you want to remove the file!
If you say no,and try to open it to set up the test,Lil’Bo is back on it before you can type in a test-name!
I mean it just sets in the icon try,blinking like a Gila Monster 99.9 percent of the time,but these tests prove it can, and will, go Mamba on malware buttocks!

BoClean wish list? I wish no one gets the urge to jack with it at all!
It fine as it is! :BNC :BNC :BNC

Glad you like her, we’re kind of partial to CBO also. :wink:
I’m not sure why it took an hour to create an account here, it should be painless and fairly quick.
If there’s something we can improve please let us know.