bo clean crippled by virus (trojan js)

I am very happy with comodo and all of the free security products and run alot of them on all my pcs as well as refer them to everyone. I am currently running xp pro sp2 ,comodo firewall pro 3,avast antivirus and ,bo clean for my choice of security products. the other day i was surfing the web and both comodo firewall and avast caught a trojan js virus so to actually see what would happen i let the virus through on the download i was doing just to see what would happen. it immediatly crippled bo clean and windows prompted to shut it down unexpected error then i ran a virus scan and it jump and infected boc425.exe thats from avast4.7 told me just wanted to post to see if it would shed some light on bo clean and if it is a problem or not with this finding i still love comodo for my 1# choice for security

Are you saying you disabled Avast and CFP and then revisited the site hosting the exploit and let it run?
Do you have any evidence, logs or files in quarantine that would help to understand what really occurred here? Maybe the name of what “comodo firewall and avast caught”?
Please IM me the address of the site if you know it.