BO Clean caught up in new install

Recently uninstalled all comodo apps to install the current firewall/antivirus. Install went well but after the reboot the message panel The file BOC425XVU was not found. Go to Programs then BOClean group to select updates. This was not successful. There has been one update for the firewall/ antivirus but the BO Clean issue persists. Guidance sought.

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  • Did you uninstall BOClean too ??? If so, did you uninstall it the proper way ??? ( you have to shut down BOClean before uninstalling ! ) If you didn’t shut down BOClean before uninstalling, can you please shut down the BOCore.exe process with Task Manager ( if it is still running ), remove the BOClean directory from the Programs Map, install BOClean again, and immediately uninstall it :slight_smile: ( withought rebooting ! )

  • If you still have BOClean installed, can you please close the BOCore.exe and the BOC427.EXE processes with Task Manager, and try to update again. Ofcource you have to restart BOClean or to reboot after this :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Sorry for the problem there. BOClean 4.25 is obsolete and there’s no longer an update available for it as the 4.25 version simply ran out of room as the size of our database increased beyond the alloted room in BOClean for it. Rednose’s solution is the correct one … you need to replace the older BOClean with the current 4.27 version. And of course, following the teachings of the Church of Redmond: “Reflect, Repent, Reboot and order will be restored.” :slight_smile:

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This is what happens when you stay up too late. I missed that mnewsome is still using the 4.25 version. I am sorry about that :-[

Greetz, Red.