BO attacks

Hey guys, I just received a (sorry I don’t have a pic, never think of it. Plus I’m not too sure how to get a full screen pic) Buffer Overflow attack with/on explorer.exe. Anybody else receive this? Not sure what caused it though. I did open up Utorrent at the time, could that be it?

Just a helpful thought, I use FSCapture to get my screenshots (allows you to choose full screen, active window, user selected window… and saves as .jpg).

I had a buffer overflow attack warning yesterday, this was triggered by the Adobe reader updater trying to run when I opened firefox. The Adobe procedure downloaded its own update manager that then installs itself as an add on in firefox and ran whenI next opened firefox (3) and tried to download the necessary updates for adobe reader. This all happened because I recently did a complete re-install of my system after a bad experience with Comodo’s registry cleaner deleted something it shouldn’t have done resulting in my computer continually freezing and the system restore or rollback didn’t work!!.

I used this episode to galvanise me into installing a new larger hard drive so it wasn’t too much trouble, thank goodness I always keep all my document folders on a separate drive so all I had to re-install was windows and my other programs. (:NRD)