Bluepoint security

This guy on youtube has made video on how they have "hacked"antivirus.You should really watch it.Even Hips product failed

It looks like spam, I see the website of this Bluepoint has a GoDaddy DV cert.

It also has five positive comments on it’s WOT rating apparently all from the same person!

Anyone heard of it before?

They ask for your e-mail on trial, so probably a Rogue, but i’ll upload the installer to virustotal to see what others think.
btw : seems like a normal HIPS program to me after seeing the Youtube movie


Softpedia think they’re clean…

Looks clean to me, but nothing more than a standart HIPS.
virustotal :


3 of the positive WOT rating comments are from a wot member whose profile shows them to be:

Kerry Hatcher
BluePoint Security

Softpedia and CNet added them today and yesterday.

Doesn’t have to be rogue, but seems odd.

Ok, I feel you coming. I’ll install this one to see what it’s like … :slight_smile:


Well, installation went smoothly. And the program started up right after :-TU No reboot was required.
Then it starts up updates itself and scans. Still ok.
Then it start protecting you. (1 pop-up per application, so if you miss it, you’re doomed)

  • It doesn’t seems to have a whitelist, or at least not a big one as it didn’t seem to know most (popular) programs I launched.
  • System recources are amazingly high ! Reminds me of the old Norton
  • Interface is nice and easy to navigate
  • Antivirus is completely useless, it seems it didn’t detect one of my 1000 samples :o
  • for leaktesting, when you try to open the program it pops up. But ones you allow that one, you will be leaking. If you block it, well, you can guess the result.
  • there seems to be a small bug. When you unrar an application, in this example a leaktest BPS will pop-up, when you click allow, it will shut it down anyway ???
    When you drag and drop it on your desktop and open + allow it then, it works just fine (leaking :))

So overall, it’s definitely not worth the money !!!

Thanks for that feed back, I had a feeing it wouldn’t be up to much. At least it seems to be legit, even if it is early days…

These videos are pure comedy.

Pure nonsence and you know it :). it was or :

  • on the pc before they installed Comodo and then running Cleanpc mode
  • it was allowed before already


They are doing this with several other security products.

This practice should be ripe for a legal action.

I hope they don’t fool any one into buying their program.

Matt has already made a review for this Bluepoint Security.

Check it out Blue Point Security - Deny The Unknown? - YouTube ;D

I did find it funny that he’s always talking about Comodo ;D

bluepoint is just a standard HIPS, but they’re more stupid than the rest in marketing…


No doubt,its the same guy that sit and comment.On You Tube (Matts reviews,but also their own vid about how “superiour” their product is).I think he/they has shot himself in the foot by trashing so many wellknown and respected names,Kaspersky,Comodo,Defensewall etc.
I stay using what I have done a long time. ;D