How come bluebottles [ large flies ] don’t knock themselves out when they fly at full speed into your window? if that was a human , we would be poleaxed !!! ???

The air pushed ahead of their flat frontal profile (big head) acts as a cushioning buffer. At least it does for Aussies blowflies.

Now, I not only have to wonder about what went through your head to ask the question, but also how I was able to know the answer. ??? :-\ ^^ ^^ :slight_smile:

So Panic … do bluebottles get headaches then ?

not confirmed yet 88)

neither do this. volunteer? anyone? 88)

Yep. blue-bottles do get an hang-over too. ;D

Nice (:WIN)

I was on top of the middle, Razor Circle Grey platform. Armando chased me down the street because I spammed his email address with porn. :slight_smile:

He took a picture to see if he could find something. 88) He was out of luck. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just too quick… :slight_smile:

Hahahaha. :smiley:


we have to respect every form of life, this includes the tiniest organism in the world… (:WIN)

too bad that some companies are making money on cruelness… does this machine also work for mosquito’s ?

I guess this is better than having them vaninshing in thin air spreading diseases around.

Yeah but that is another story, because than we are talking about an * legitimate * reason to end their lives… than you have the problem too define what is legitimate…

Anyway I do not think it is a big problem… flies do not live long… you have the * one day fly * and some flies do live for several weeks…

if a fly has such a sort lifespan, is there any need to kill it ??? My believe says not… I am talking about the principal of respecting all lifeforms on this earth and do not let humans decide of certain deaths …

That’s a noble standpoint. Even though I’m unable to follow their example I always admired people like buddhists who lose their appetite for meat out of compassion for other living creatures :-TU

I am glad you like my standpoint… but I am not a buddhist… I do consume meat… But not much… I eat very few amount of food a day… I just like watch life as it is on this earth and wonder how it is possible everything has come to its place… (:WIN)

i eat meat a lot :THNK hmmm maybe we should try eating bluebottles 88)

when i was in college, i tried not to kill mosquitos,i dump the insecticide spray and bought a lot of anti-mosquito lotion.
it worked for 1 month before i started killing them with barehands >:-D

Maybe we should pass this option by, because you know this creatures are a source and bearers of many diseases, mosquito’s are also very dangerous creatures… so dangerous they can wipe out an entire village! … (:WIN)

Feel free to eat them and report back. ;D
Anyway I would suggest to any plain human to not follow your example for obvious reasons

Anyway For Most People, Eating Bugs Is Only Natural.

Here`s a pointless general knowledge question for ya.

What insect has the most deadly poison to man,but is unable to use it against us? I wan`t the reason why as well (:TNG)

Yes, I agree… eating bugs is no problem if you know what kind of insects you can eat… you can even eat scorpions! I saw on National Geographic Indians eating tarantula’s… If you are in need of survival, you can eat insects as they contain a lot of calories…

I was thinking about a scorpion… there are many scorpions and different kinds… It is a plague in some places in Mexico… if you managed to slice of the tail of the scorpion the creature is harmless…

if you get hit by it’s tail, you need to find quickly antidote… after that you will become immune for the toxin of that sort of scorpion…

when you get hit is still bloody hurts… but you will survive… (:WIN)

Nice try but :-TD

poisonous insect eaten - Google Search ;D