Blue Screen w/ CIS 2013

I’ve experienced blue screen 0x000000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA several times after installing cis 2013 from cis 2012.
And now i uninstalled cis2013 and blue screen never come up again.

then, when blue screen comes, there are common situation:

  1. when I run the program that hook the iTune to display lyrics
  2. when I run the VPN client.

both program try to hook other program, then CIS2013 deny or do something, then blue screen comes.
that’s my guess.

Are there anyone who experienced same situation??

if this bug fixed, i’ll install cis again.


What is Your Operation System, and 32-64bit’s version ?..

…my preliminary recommendation…

I) install the CIS, and select modes (at the time of the test):

a) Firewall - Learning Mode,
b) Proactive Protection - Clear PC
a) Sandbox - Disabled,

II) Run your application and check the stability of these applications using these settings CIS.

…If this configuration, application and operating system will work stably, then carefully review all of the activity of these applications in the event logs of CIS (in the future they will need to your manually set the rules of these applications), and switch CIS to a more protected mode…