Blue screen on resume from sleep mode

I used CFP Free in XP with no problems. I installed it in a new laptop with Vista HP (SP1) and started getting the blue screen when resuming from sleep mode, but could not identify the source of the problem at that time. I checked MSKB and found the problem on resuming from sleep mode to be widespread but without a sole cause.
I reinstalled Vista and installed all other software with the exception of CFP as I just guessed it to be suspect. I then used the PC for a few weeks using sleep mode a few times daily. Not once did I get the blue screen. As I liked CFP when I used it in XP, I installed it today and immediately and repeatedly I got the blue screen. Uninstalled CFP and no more blue screen.
As this convinced me that CFP is causing the blue screen, I decided to post this hoping you would investigate and fix the bug so that I can once again use CFP.

What version of Comodo are you using?

I downloaded 3.0 32-bit.


3.0 what? Do you mean Or is yours different.

Sorry I wasn’t clearer. I didn’t know there is more than one 3.0 32-bit version.

I installed:
32-bit Setup(Available in English language only)
Click here to download
Size: 17.3 MB (18,149,376 bytes)
MD5: d54a30e71251915a16763fe48f502571
SHA1: 1bb22aea64cf9ce773e2e904265101f6731bc6d0

on this page:

I really hope there is a fix for this problem as I have been very happy using CFP and
by no means want to go back to Zone Alarm or the like.

Ok then you should have the latest version. Did you read this thread.

Thank you. I just read the thread and will try making the changes suggested which should be simple as I am the only user. However, it sounds as though it is directed at those who have problems getting CFP to operate properly.
I did not have any problems with its functioning. Worked perfectly as itself.

Will take me 30 minutes or so.

Thank you again.

Followed the instructions but still got the blue screen coming out of sleep mode.