Blue screen of death with CAV and Truecrypt

Truecrypt is a popular free open source encryption programme. CAV causes a blue screen of death when we use truecrypt features. something about “no more irp stack locations”

Truecrypt users are advising each other to uninstall Comodo anti virus [ at ] the Truecrypt forum to fix the problem.

I removed your anti virus and it fixed the problem.

I loved CAV but I guess I will have to find an alternative unless you can address this issue.

Thanks for reading, hope this is useful.

P.S. BSOD mainly occurs when Truecrypt edits the partition table or the MBR. e.g. when it mounts an encrypted volume and the “new” partition appears… Does CAV make the MBR read only perhaps ?

I’ve encountered a similar problem (CAV on a XP system): when I try to rename a file or folder on a TrueCrypt diskvolume the BSOD appears. Working with WXP’s zipped maps gives an other problem: upon moving contents to the map will result in the map beïng corrupted. :-\

I’d very much like a solution for both, or else I’ll be compelled to uninstall CAV… (:SAD)

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Hey guys I’m sorry to hear that, Just for your info CAVS2 isn’t being worked on anymore, CAVS 3 is expected to be released late June.

Hang in there, Come back later on and Hopefully CAVS3 will be released :slight_smile:

OK… thx for your info; that’s good news! (:CLP) Late june isn’t such a long wait… I’ll give CAVS 3 a try for sure! :slight_smile:

No problems :slight_smile: Cavs3 expected, to be released late June… but the release date is flexible. It may be a bit earlier, It may be a bit later.

Of course I couldn’t stop trying to find a workaround… and I just found one! 88)

Both disabling HIPS application control in CAV and setting the option “mount volumes as removable media” under settings>>preferences in TrueCrypt seems to have done the trick for me. I can now work with zipped folders under WXP and no more blue screens when using TrueCrypt… :slight_smile:

Thx for thinking along with me (L)

Hello racker,

Do you use CPF3 with D+? If you do there is no need to have CAVS hip running at the same time

Yep… my CPF version is and it has D+… If I read your message well, I can turn HIPS off and still be safe. Thx again! (:CLP)

If your using CPF3 and D+ Turn CAVS HIPS off

No problems :slight_smile: