Blu Ray incompatibility


I’d like to leave some feedback here about CIS blocking Blu Ray playback.

My Computer: Alienware M17x
OS: Before Vista 64 bit upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit
Blu Ray Software: Powerdvd
Optical Drive: M a t s h i t a BD-RE UJ235A SCSI cdrom drive

The problem- Powerdvd gives the following sypmtoms:
Error “unsupported format in drive”
The region code cannot be set, there is none chosen and changes remaining is 0
Powerdvd crashes when “video” ear tag is chosen.
Obviously the blu ray does not play.

The solution: uninstall CIS and all problems go away (unfortunately).

I would urge for an update of this problem because I really like CIS.

More info at this link:

In case you are willing to try again with CIS I can start troubleshooting with you.

Do you see things logged regarding PowerDVD in the Defense + logs? If so can you post a screenshot of the logs? The logs can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.

Yes I am willing. Too busy right now, but will post some other time to troubleshoot.

No problem. Report back when you have time. The forums are patient.:slight_smile:

Ok, I have a few minutes today at least to post this.
I’m having some concerns about the consequences to me and my equipment with too much troubleshooting on this particular problem. Let me explain. I already tried the following even before posting my first post in this thread:

Once I uninstalled COMODO and confirmed blu ray functionality, Powerdvd for the first time ever (This computer came with vista 64, I did not have any blu ray discs in my possession, then I redeemed my windows 7 coupon as soon as it was available, still without any blu ray discs, then during the holidays I got my first blu ray movie “Superman Returns”, it did not play, I contacted Alienware support and they were baffled, provided me with a couple of powerdvd patches to no avail, contacted cyberlink support and they were baffled, provided me with even newer software and upgrades (originally I had powerdvd8, now powerdvd9 no charge from cyberlink) to no avail) asked me for my Blu ray region. That means COMODO was already blocking the region code access of the optical drive even without Powerdvd software ever doing anything.

Furthermore at the link I provided there is evidence of other Blu Ray software being affected, not only Powerdvd. Now as I was saying, after I saw I could finally set the region code I thought then I could reinstall comodo as that was already set. I suspected of the firewall so I installed the antivirus only. Inmediately powerdvd stopped playing blu ray and the region code went back to unselected, and changes remaining dropped again to 0.

Another sypmtom is and was that while CIS is installed you have to doubleclick powerdvd icon TWICE before it opens, while without it it comes up instantaneous. So I uninstalled COMODO again. Powerdvd played blu ray again. And here comes my concern:
After that when I checked the blu ray region code again the count had dropped from 5 to 4 changes remaining!
Now this is serious to me because if you check the optical drive manufacturer site (M A T S H I T A, or Panasonic) once the region code change count expires it cannot be reset even by physically changing the drive to another machine, only the manufacturer can access it. Now I don’t expect to move to another country, but I do expect to travel, and so get blu ray from who knows what region codes and I do not wish to limit my options. I suspect every time COMODO installation/installation interferes with region code count it will keep dropping.

There is the possibility that this drive is region free to begin with (Panasonic/M a t s h i t a does manufacture some that way but I can’t confirm mine is), and that the region code count in this particular case is a software thing controlled by powerdvd software. But I cannot take the risk without some reassurance that-you guys will solve the problem for me either by-1. letting me know (in fact proving to me) how to reset the count if it is a powerdvd software controlled thing, or 2. Provide me with a some sort of coupon to get a new physical identical optical drive if you intend for me to expire my region code changes during this troubleshooting or 3.Prove to me that the region code count will not drop during this troubleshooting.

I am sorry for this caveat but that’s that. I do want to cooperate, but not loose value, ok, you understand, yes?
Let me know!

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As far as I know DVD player come region agnostic from the manufacturer with the counter set to five.

According to Wikipedia:

In most computer drives, users are allowed to change the region code (i.e. change region code) up to five times.[12] However, if the number of allowances reaches zero, the region last used will be permanent even if the drive is transferred to another computer.
you can change 5 times until it reaches zero. Your player being at 4 is how it should be; it is set to your region and that nodged the counter one down; there are four more steps to zero. I checked with my DVD player and that is also set to four.

I cannot give a guarantee I can fix things. I am just a volunteer. Nor can I give you a coupon nor can I guarantee it won’t drop the region counter below 4 ( I think it is unlikely it will drop though; but that’s my gut talking). I am not affiliated to Comodo either.

I had the same sort of issue with my Blu-ray drive on my laptop. It a compatibility issue with Power DVD (*also other programs that use Power DVD’s engins like Acer Arcade Deluxe) and its been around for a long while, theres some other posts on the forums about it if you have a look. When I had this issue I just got another Blu-Ray software. Arcsoft Total Media Theater 3 doesn’t have any Issues. And I got it at a good price :wink: :wink: :wink: